Possibility to have anonymous feedbacks

Under Review

Not every user wants to create an account just to give a feedback or to vote on a feature.
We should have the possibility to activate anonymous feedbacks so we can get more feedbacks.

Alex team
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Under Review

This is an ambiguous decision.

First, if you add voting for features from anonymous users, it would negate the whole point of voting, because someone who wants a feature can open as many anonymous tabs in the browser as they want and vote until they get bored.

Collecting feedback from anonymous users looks more realistic, but first we need to build in anti-spam protection or pre-moderation so that suspicious posts go to pre-moderation automatically.

By the way, have you seen our SSO authentication solution? The idea is that if a user is already registered on your site or app, you can generate a special secure link that will contain the username, email and a profile picture. By clicking on such a link user will automatically create his account and authorize himself in Productroad, all he will have to do is leave feedback. This option is called SSO Authentication on the settings page.